hair knotting

The Tips to Stop the Curly Hair from Knotting

Movies and TV shows can be deceiving. They show women with long flowing hair dancing and spinning in the wind without worrying that their hair will be terribly tangled. Do your strands often hug? They do not want to leave? Have you broken numerous combs and brushes trying to get rid of knots and confusion? Well, here is a list of ways to keep curly hair from tangling getting confused. But before we dive into it, let’s see what exactly causes tangling of hair.

What causes hair tangling?

  1. Lack of hydration

When your hair lacks moisture, it causes friction and tension in your hair, which then causes tangling. The outer layers of the hair shaft break, resulting in a rough and damaged look. Lack of moisture can also worsen the condition of your hair.

  1. Sleep with her hair loose

Sleeping without braiding or tying hair can cause serious confusion. Another important no-no – go to bed with wet hair. Hair is most fragile when it is wet. It can get curly quickly and break easily. Entanglement caused by lying with wet hair is a nightmare because it is tough and difficult to remove.

  1. Do not comb

Do not brush your hair daily – this is a serious threat to your hair. In the end, it will create hairpins in your hair. Without prevent curly hair from tangling, oil or residue that accumulates over time can damage the health of your hair.

  1. Uncut trimmed ends

After long periods without cutting hair, you will get split ends and curly hair. Dry ends also tend to break easily. And as soon as your hair falls apart, it is impossible to restore them. It stays dry and causes a ton of curly hair. Dry curly strands and split ends can easily tangle your hair.

  1. Damaged cuticles

Continuous heat styling or blow-drying can damage the hair shafts and cause friction, resulting in knots. When your hair is damaged, its outer layers are scraped off, leaving the inner layer (bark) open and unprotected. This speeds up damage to your cuticle.

Tips for correcting tangled hair:

Always use your fingers to separate knots before using the comb to keep curly hair untangled. This can significantly reduce the size of the knots and make disentangling less painful.

Separate the hair before unraveling it. This can make your work more manageable.

hair tanglingTrim the hair every three months to get rid of split ends.

Combing wet hair can lead to hair loss. Instead, use your fingers to remove any knots and confusion immediately after leaving the shower.

Avoid the use of styling products that leave marks, as they contribute to the development of hair.

Use a leaving conditioner immediately after washing the hair to stop curly hair from knotting. This will not only make your hair more docile, but also reduce curls and strand.

Use natural homemade hair masks with ingredients such as yogurt and honey to deeply condition your hair every couple of weeks.

When you go outside, wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair from the sun, wind, dust, and dirt.

Lubricate your hair with natural oil an hour before washing.