The best Options to Brush Out Curls

Here’s the dilemma that you want to brush curly hair without losing curls and on the one hand, you love to leave your curls natural, on the other, if you do not disentangle them, hello knots. So, how to brush your curly hair without breaking their structure? Here are the tips to brush out curls.

Never brush your hair dry

This is a golden rule to brush out curls without ruining them, so as not to end up with frizz endlessly. The only time you can brush your hair is when it’s wet. And as curly hair tends to get tangled, brush twice: in the shower, during the wash, and after, once the hair is wrung out.

Must use detangle

In the form of a mask to pose or spray, the detangler is the best friend of curly girls. The structure of your hair makes them conducive to cling to each other, especially as their rather dry nature generates friction between the locks. Result? Styling without a life-saving product can take hours (and cause a lot of pain). Use it in the shower, after the shampoo.

brush out curls


Choose the right brush

Not all brushes are suitable for the nature of your hair. Turn to a skeleton brush with large plastic pins, which will separate your locks, and order them. A soft pneumatic brush with round ends can also be suitable for curly hair.

If you have wavy hair and not too thick, you can opt for a boar bristle brush, which treats the hair gently while making them shine.

The best alternative? Drop the brush, and go to comb with wide teeth. His work will be more precise, and the hair will be less brittle. Choose it from wood or horn: they are stronger than their plastic sidekick, and do not conduct electricity like metal combs.

And if really your hair is capricious, a good old combing fingers will do the trick!

Matting hair when sleeping

Here is an extremely effective anti-node tip. At night, when you sleep, your hair gets tangled and foamy when you wake up. Since curly hair is dry in nature, it is better not to wash it every day, and therefore to unravel it in the shower. As a result, braiding your lengths helps maintain an almost orderly mane.

As a bonus, you will spend much less time brushing them during your next wash.

By applying these tips, you brush your hair without damaging them or making them rough. it is highly recommended to detangle on wet hair very well wrung and sponged or moistened.

On the other hand, you put your comb or brush under the shower, your hair soaked in water is too fragile (too “stretchable” material) and you risk worsening their porosity by styling them at that moment. You must pass only the hands for brushing wavy hair and other entanglements of wicks all the less restive when they are coated with conditioner!