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hair knotting

Movies and TV shows can be deceiving. They show women with long flowing hair dancing and spinning in the wind without worrying that their hair will be terribly tangled. Do your strands often hug? They do not want to leave? Have you broken numerous combs and brushes trying to get rid of knots and confusion? Well, here is a list of ways to keep curly hair from tangling getting confused. But before we dive into it, let’s see what exactly causes tangling of hair.

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The best Options to Brush Out Curls

Here’s the dilemma that you want to brush curly hair without losing curls and on the one hand, you love to leave your curls natural, on the other, if you do not disentangle them, hello knots. So, how to brush your curly hair without breaking their structure? Here are the tips to brush out curls.

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